SAFIR – An industrial automation strategy is introduced, providing competitive advantages

By Claus Risager
1. May 2013
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Studies show that manufacturing companies from the region of Southern Denmark could increase turnover by two billion Euros, if strategic automation solutions were incorporated in the lean production.


Many automation projects fail because the supplier did either not understand the task fully from the start or did not have the required competencies in the end.

Regardless of company size, automation technology provides competitive advantages, which Claus Boysen, Production Manager at OTV Plast, was quick to recognize:

”Since investing in new automation technologies to lower our price point, we have received production orders which usually would have been sent abroad. Now, we are able to compete on price and quality alike.”

However, finding the right automation solution requires expert knowledge.

Blue Ocean Robotics introduces ‘SAFIR – Industrial Automation Strategy’, which establishes a network of automation experts; counting skilled suppliers, technology, companies and business institutes.

Thereby manufacturing companies can benefit from a tailor-made strategic solution that has been advised by a network of automation experts – and prioritized by maximum return.

The SAFIR Industrial Automation Strategy project is funded by Syddansk Vækstforum & EU.

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Written by

Claus Risager

Co-CEO & Founder