Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is a cooperation model where public and private companies can work together to co-create new innovative solutions. In a PPP public companies e.g. municipalities or hospitals together with private companies explore new common defined challenges based on the users needs. Knowledge and skills are exchanged across the organization in order to develop solutions that create value in the bottom lines. Innovative solutions can be both technology or skills you want to develop and put into play.

When PPP is done right

  • Increased quality of life for citizens
  • Better working environment for public employees
  • Trusting relationship throughout development and implementation
  • Resource optimization and better public services
  • Strengthened innovation culture

Strategic partnership model

In the dissemination of robotics, it is essential for us to work strategically with key actors from the public ecosystem, including public organisations such as municipalities, regions, and private welfare providers etc. Furthermore, we work to connect the local educational environment so that knowledge about robotics can be implemented in both basic and continuing education.

A partnership can consist of one or more partners from the public ecosystem.


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