Our RoBi-X Partnership Programs aim to create and commercialize new robot solutions through co-creation with trusted partners. RoBi-X is an opportunity for both private and public partners that has an interest in shaping the future of robots by co-investing and being actively involved in the innovation process, thus achieving significant upsides such as co-ownership of product, discounts, share of profits, licenses, exclusivity and more.

Private Partnerships

RoBi-X is an opportunity for private companies to robotize their core processes, while also profiting from co-investing in a new robot for the market, thus strengthen their competitiveness.

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Public-Private Partnerships

RoBi-X is an opportunity for hospitals, municipalities and other public organisations to do public–private innovation to optimize workflows, welfare levels and efficiency using emerging robotics.

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The RoBi-X Partnership Programs

Our RoBi-X Partnerships consist of three correlated programs where our team of specialists are ready to assist you in developing new robot solutions that address unmatched user needs, problem statements and business opportunities. Whether you only have an idea or you are already working on a project, we have a program that fits your needs for optimum incubation and development of your robotic solution.


The RoBi-Design Program focuses partly on analyzing the pain, job-to-be-done, user needs, and business case, and partly on developing a robot concept and supportive business plan for the further product development.

  • New robot concept for your needs – and the market
  • Business case and proof-of-concept
  • Co-ownership of product or other upsides from the derived business
  • Business plan for fundraising


The RoBi-Develop Program covers the development process from concept to product. This implies hardware selection and integration, programming, prototyping, as well as marketing and pre-commercialization.

  • From concept to final product versions
  • Prototyping, on-site tests and UX workshops
  • Spin-out product IPR to founded start-up
  • Pre-sales and marketing before market launch


The RoBi-GoToMarket Program aims at bringing the final product to the market through integrated marketing and sales activities in joint force with our global network of Sales Partners and Joint Ventures Franchises.

  • Go-to-market lead generation strategy
  • International Sales Partner engagement
  • Innovation implementation project plan
  • Market maturement by Joint Venture group
  • Best practice integration

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These are some of our trusted partners

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