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The RoBi-X Partnership is a unique model for you to develop your own robots,

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This is RoBi-X

The RoBi-X partnership program is our interconnected growth engine for creating and commercializing disruptive robot technology in strategic collaboration with commercial partners. RoBi-X is an opportunity for private and public companies to innovate their market domain and robotize their product portfolio with disruptive robot technology.

The partnership combines the wast experience in developing robots from Blue Ocean Robotics, and the partners’ specialized competencies. The end result is market ready robot technology developed with the enduser in focus.

Some of our RoBi-X Partnerships


We analyse, identify and prioritize the robot potentials in your business at a system-level that will improve productivity, efficiency and quality-of-life.



We design the robot concept in close collaboration with you from your case scenario. Additionally we define the development-, investment- and business plans.


We develop the robot and get the regulatory approvals on the basis of your required lab and customer tests.




Depending on the RoBi-X Partnership Agreement, we integrate the robot amongst your first customers and create a brand around the robot.


We scale up production and distribution together and develop a global marketing strategy and sales network.


Case Stories

The process in our RoBi-X partnership model is a highly proven approach. Here you can read some of our cases.

UV-Disinfection Robot in hospital wardUVD Robot


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