Realize new digital business development in RoBi-X

Robotic technology gives businesses completely new opportunities to further develop products in the direction of new digitized solutions and service-oriented business concepts. Thereby create new products that directly play into megatrends like IoT, Big Data, AI, Industry 4.0 and similar.

In Blue Ocean Robotics, we focus on developing new generations of robots for the global market. The development takes place in collaboration with strategic partners that typically has a strong market position. While we take lead on the robot development and shared development, the partner will lead production, global sales and service. The development is based in a number of integrated technology platforms (TP-X) and builds on a unique partnership model (RoBi-X).

Together with our RoBi-X partners, we create disruption in a range of industries. Among robots we develop are the robots of the future for cleaning together with Nilfisk Advance, robots for inspection and maintenance of wastewater treatment together with Aarhus Vand, and a number of robots for healthcare and welfare, agriculture, energy, construction, offshore etc. It gives our partners an opportunity to develop themselves technologically so that their products and services can create new business opportunities and breakthroughs in specific markets.