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Tine Vigsø joins Blue Ocean Robotics as Project Coordinator

Tine Vigsø joins Blue Ocean Robotics’ headquarters in Denmark as Project Coordinator. As an engineer specialized in product development, Tine has both a technical and a business understanding of innovative product development and skills that... Read the story
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One of Denmark’s first engineers specialized in drone technology joins Blue Ocean Robotics

Jes Jepsen is one of Denmark’s first robotics engineers who has graduated as a Master of Engineering with specialty in drone technology from the University of Southern Denmark. Jes now joins Blue Ocean Robotics as... Read the story
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Moroccan Robotics Developer joins Blue Ocean Robotics in Denmark

Mamoun Gharbi from Morocco joins Blue Ocean Robotics headquarters in Denmark as Robotics Developer. Read the story

Can children learn to program robots in kindergarten?

Robotics technology has taken child care centers in Odense, Denmark, by storm. Children aged 3-5 are learning how to program using the modular and playful robots Cubelets. The introduction started in March 2017 and has... Read the story

Roberta takes care of the garbage at Danish nursing home

At the Danish nursing home, Engparken, in Brande, the autonomous mobile robot, Roberta, is driving around, collecting garbage on its way. The robotic solution has resulted in a more efficient use of resources and a... Read the story
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Accounting specialist joins Blue Ocean Robotics

Christina Dyhrberg Thulin joins Blue Ocean Robotics’ headquarters in Denmark as Accountant. Read the story
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Blue Ocean Robotics enters Asian market with Singapore-based Joint Venture

Blue Ocean Robotics opens Joint Venture office in Singapore and brings its “We Create and Commercialize Robots” business to the fast-moving and rapidly growing Asian market. Read the story
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Maria Madsen joins Blue Ocean Robotics as Community Coordinator

Maria Madsen joins Blue Ocean Robotics’ headquarters in Denmark as Community Coordinator. Read the story
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Laurent Marquis appointed CEO of Flex Hex Company

Laurent Marquis is appointed CEO of Flex Hex Company by the Board of Directors as of August 1st 2017. Read the story
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Yusuf attends classes by using the telepresence robot Beam

At the Danish school, Skolen ved Nordens Plads, eleven-year-old Yusuf can attend school and participate in social activities by using the telepresence robot, Beam. Using a robot gives him an opportunity to maintain his social... Read the story
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Blue Ocean Robotics reaches new financial heights

The annual accounts for Blue Ocean Robotics Group reveal a financial prosperity that is a result of an optimization of the company’s activities and increased focus on partnerships with regard to the development of own... Read the story

Follow Blue Ocean Robotics on LinkedIn

On Blue Ocean Robotics’ LinkedIn page, you are at the forefront of the latest robot technology that can ensure your company's future competitiveness and welfare. Read the story
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Danish-german partnership sets the runway for European drone development

Blue Ocean Robotics partners up with German drone specialists Marius Schröder and Benjamin Wiens in founding the drone company Third Element Aviation GmbH. The goal is to enable customers access to development and commercialization of... Read the story

The ‘CloudWorkers’ as the future workforce

Co-CEO Claus Risager shares his idea of the future workplace of CloudWorkers - an online workforce collaborating with robots continually and more efficiently. Read the story

Collaborate with your customers in a buyer-driven world

The BATool is a web-based digital platform developed to connect a robotic solution with its potential customer base at an early stage. At Hannover Messe 2017, we used the BATool to give visitors the possibility... Read the story

Are extreme weather conditions a challenge for drone systems?

Performing offshore operations in the most extreme environments are both dangerous and costly for human and nature. Our robotics developer, Umair, has tested the Pyrodrone system on a mission to Svalbard to see how it... Read the story
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Patient-moving robot ready to lift after Seed investment round

The Danish Multi Tower Company closes its Seed investment round with EUR 1 million raised through a network of private and public investors. The investment round marks the establishment of the company in the Nordic... Read the story
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Arnd Baurichter is ready to lead the way for welfare technology as CEO of Multi Tower…

Arnd Baurichter is announced as Chief Executive Officer for the company behind the innovative patient-moving robot, Multi Tower Robot. He will be turning over a new leaf after a comprehensive career in Germany. Read the story


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