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Investment Case: Third Element Aviation GmbH

We are happy to announce that Blue Ocean Robotics together with the experienced Benjamin Wiens and Marius Schröder have founded the company Third Element Aviation GmbH. A company with a vision to develop, produce and... Read the story
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Patient-moving robot ready to lift after Seed investment round

The Danish Multi Tower Company closes its Seed investment round with EUR 1 million raised through a network of private and public investors. The investment round marks the establishment of the company in the Nordic... Read the story
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Arnd Baurichter is ready to lead the way for welfare technology as CEO of Multi Tower…

Arnd Baurichter is announced as Chief Executive Officer for the company behind the innovative patient-moving robot, Multi Tower Robot. He will be turning over a new leaf after a comprehensive career in Germany. Read the story

Simulation for product development – more efficient and less costly

Today, CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) software makes a significant impact on product development cost - also within robotics where the possibility of simulating the robot movement computationally, collecting and use of data creates safe and reliable... Read the story
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A new pilot project will examine the interaction between doctors and patients using robotics

The Municipality of Faxe and Blue Ocean Robotics will begin an innovation project with the aim of outlining how the collaboration concerning the citizens of Grøndalscenteret, a rehabilitation center in Haslev, can be strengthened by... Read the story

TEDxOdense: First Things First

Mark your calendars because Odense is hosting its first city TEDx event on 1 April 2017. TEDxOdense will feature exciting speakers, spark interesting conversations and make great ideas accessible, right in the heart of the... Read the story
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Multi-Tower Robot will increase quality of care

In a new PPP collaboration between University Hospital Køge and Blue Ocean Robotics an innovative patient-lifting robot is developed to perform gentle and effortless transfers of patients without the use of fixed overhead lifts. Read the story

Budgee – an assistant robot for carrying things

Budgee follows you wherever you go and helps you carry your stuff. Read the story

VGo telepresence robot, Municipality of Faxe

Experience with the VGo telepresence robot at Vestskolen, Vibeeng, Faxe Municipality. Read the story

Romibo for children and adults with special needs

Romibo is the new student at the east school in the Municipality of Faxe. Read the story

Zeno and Nao – two humanoid robots

The two humanoid robots are implemented in the children’s house Milky Way and the children’s house Heimdal. Read the story

Dagmar and JustoCat

Dagmar lives in the sheltered residence CAS3 at the Center for Autism and Special Needs, where the staff is in the process of testing how the robot cat can be used as part of the... Read the story

JustoCat for Dementia, Faxe municipality

”Justo” means therapy in latin, which is exactly what JustoCat is - A therapy cat Read the story

Beam brings families closer together, Faxe Municipality

BeamPro brings nursing home residents and their families closer together, in an innovation project at Solhavecenteret in Karise, Denmark. Read the story

The Robot that eliminates hospital infections

The Markedsmodningsfonden and the regions Sygehuspartnerskab (hospital partnership) have entered into a 2-year development cooperation with Blue Ocean Robotics in the development and testing of a disinfection robot for hospitals. Read the story

Floor Washing Robot in action in The Dalby Hall, Faxe Municipality

The Dalby Hall in the Municipality of Faxe has experienced great advantages from using the Floor Washing Robot. Read the story

University of Maryland Medical center, increases nurse satisfaction with TUG robots

Drug inventory losses cost hospitals millions of dollars a year. With Aethon’s TUG robots, used in conjunction with MedEx tracking, hospitals can securely track and transport medications from the point of origin to the desired... Read the story

TUG at Mission Bay: The Future of Technology & Patient Care

UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay has 25 TUGs; that is the largest fleet of robots working in a hospital setting in the world. Read the story

TUG – El Camino Hospital’s TUG Solution At-a-Glance

At El Camino Hospital, 19 TUG's robots work alongside staff, helping to make the hospital run more efficiently and cutting costs by $650,000 a year - in addition, these robots don’t get sick or injured,... Read the story

SAFIR in rubber production industry

Olet Industrigummi A/S from Vejen, Denmark, specialized in the flexible production of rubber workpieces. Read the story


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