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Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. The future job market calls for skilled employees with competencies in STEM related fields. Start already from an early age. Most educational technology is based on principals solely relating to engineering. Our approach is based on modern teaching principles, designing around research on the need for active learning and learning through play.

Students are extremely curious and impressionable, like an open book ready to fill with content. Inspiring at an early age could spark a lasting desire to pursue a career in any field relating to science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Thus, students will be well-equipped to enter the work force, because they hold competencies and knowledge to make invaluable contributions.

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Browse our educational robots and find the ideal teaching aid to optimize learnings and lay the basis for students’ careers in STEM-related fields. Engineered to meet the requirements of the modern education system and curriculum, we accompany our robots with installation assistance, workshops, innovation packages and technical support and service.

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We are proud to provide future talents and institutions with playful educational robot technology that enables smarter and faster learning. Our education specialists are ready to assist you with information on our present edutech solutions and information about our RoBi-X partnership program for co-creation of innovative robot teaching aids.

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Immediate feedback

Teaching with immediate feedback increase in performance levels through remembrance creation with students.

Learning through play

Play helps children develop the intellectual, emotional, social and creative skills that are of lifelong benefit to them.

Optimized STEM learning

Develop curricula around science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and more that suits the future job market. Enhance coding skills from an early age.


Spark a lasting desire to pursue a career in STEM related fields. The job market of the future call for competencies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics - and coding.

Social skills

Development of social skills are important in establishment of interpersonal relationships and improve quality-of-life.

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Co-create a robot that solve your need in close partnership with our specialist developers. We specialize in creating and commercializing innovative robot solutions that solve scalable needs together with international partners, like you.

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The RoBi-X Partnership Programs aims to create and commercialize new robot solutions through co-creation with trusted partners.

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