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Interpersonal relationships are bound by communication and by developing social skills one becomes more charismatic. Relating with people and being able to work in groups requires well-developed communicative skills in both verbal and physical presence.

Social robots are used to train skills of social communication, social interaction and behaviour in children and young people with special challenges such as autism, ADHD, and other general or specific developmental disorders. Social robots are able to create an enhanced awareness and the children are more concentrated in training sessions with the robots as opposed to in mainstream educational environments.

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Our range of social edutech robots for primary, secondary and tertiary educational levels provide you with the latest educational technology to train social skills. Engineered to meet the requirements of the modern education system and curriculum, we accompany our robots with installation assistance, workshops, innovation packages and technical support and service.

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We are proud to be the leading supplier of robotic edutech solutions to pupils all over the world. To extend the integration of robotics in class rooms, we have created the RoBi-X partnership program - a partnership where we co-create innovative social robots that optimize learning. Let’s innovate how social teaching is done.

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Learning through play

The interactiveness of the robots enables for children of all ages to learn to make sense of the world around them in a fun and engaging way.

Emotional neutrality

Social robots enables for socially challenged kids to interact and learn in neutral socio-emotional environments.


Enable learning through shared activities that are not bound by interpersonal emotions.


Spark a lasting desire to pursue a career in STEM related fields. The job market of the future call for competencies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics - and coding.

Social skills

Development of social skills are important in establishment of interpersonal relationships and improve quality-of-life.

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Co-create a robot that solve your need in close partnership with our specialist developers. We specialize in creating and commercializing innovative robot solutions that solve scalable needs together with international partners, like you.

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The RoBi-X Partnership Programs aims to create and commercialize new robot solutions through co-creation with trusted partners.

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