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Sensors, cloud computing and autonomous vehicles on building sites is no longer a thing of the future. Today, augmented reality, robot drones and wearables are utilized every day on construction sites all over the world to achieve precision and effectiveness. Robots are also used to automate the mundane repetitive tasks and let the humans focus on their areas of expertise.

Construction issues relating to costs, time management and quality assurance are experienced every day on construction sites and requires often a trade-off. As in the case of any business, people are a construction organisation’s greatest resource. The toll of construction accidents is high in terms of both economical costs and human suffering. Thus, robots can provide a helping hand in creating a safer work environment where physical and mental disabilities are reduced and personnel ressources are utilized more efficiently.

Sustainable work environments

Our portfolio of construction robots are engineered to meet the needs of the modern construction site, we accompany our robots with installation assistance, innovation packages for efficient human-robot interaction changeover and technical support and service.

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We are proud to be the leading partner in creating and commercializing innovative construction robots in close collaboration with partners. That is why we have created the RoBi-X partnership program - a partnership where we co-create innovative construction robots that disrupt the way construction is facilitated. Let’s re-define the way you bring architecture to life.

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1 / 2 WallMo 100 partition mounting robot (glas and WallMo 100 ready for installation

Better resource utilization

- designed to work collaboratively with construction site workforce making each worker more efficient.

Safer work environment

- lower health and safety impact on the workforce.


All our robot solutions come with a user-friendly interface enabling an easy-to-use utilization by users of any gender and any digital maturity level.


Construction robots lets construction workers perform their tasks faster and safer in construction sites, and are a tool in limiting work-related injuries.


Logistic robots for construction are utilized to carry the heavy burden for construction workers, like windows and partitions. This reduces work-related injuries and enable for a better working environment to be created

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Co-create a robot that solve your need in close partnership with our specialist developers. We specialize in creating and commercializing innovative robot solutions that solve scalable needs together with international partners, like you.

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The RoBi-X Partnership Programs aims to create and commercialize new robot solutions through co-creation with trusted partners.

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