UV-Disinfection robot

UV-Disinfection Robot TOP 3 at STARTUP WORLD Award in Munich

The UV-Disinfection Robot has long been the talk of the town in both robot, manufacturing and healthcare industries. The robot is now being acknowledged with a third place in STARTUP WORLD Award 2016 in Münich.

4th graders from Odense design intelligent bicycle stand

The 4th graders from Kroggårdsskolen in Odense have spent the last three weeks designing and building a prototype of an intelligent bicycle stand, which will come to life before summer break. The partners in this project are Blue Ocean Robotics, VEKSØ, University College Lillebaelt and two administrations from Odense Municipality.

Introducing WallMo 100: the co-bot aimed at revolutionizing the construction industry

The very first WallMo 100, a robotic co-worker assistant, has been delivered and is now in use at a construction site in Odense.

Blue Ocean Robotics is launched by 3 robotic entrepreneurs in Odense

Claus Risager, Rune K. Larsen and John Erland Østergaard, three robotic entrepreneurs, have launched Blue Ocean Robotics.