Blue Ocean Robotics will identify robotic potentials on Europe’s longest suspension bridge – the Great Belt Bridge

Blue Ocean Robotics and Sund & Bælt A/S will in a new partnership explore development opportunities for the use of robotics for operations and maintenance on the Great Belt Bridge.

Nilfisk and Blue Ocean Robotics announce strategic partnership to develop portfolio of cleaning robots

Today Nilfisk and Blue Ocean Robotics announce that the two companies enter a strategic partnership to develop intelligent cleaning machines and robots for both the Danish and global markets. The partnership complements Nilfisk’s existing robotics activities.


Blue Ocean Robotics reaches new financial heights

The annual accounts for Blue Ocean Robotics Group reveal a financial prosperity that is a result of an optimization of the company’s activities and increased focus on partnerships with regard to the development of own robotics solutions through the partnership model, RoBi-X.

Drone control

Danish-german partnership sets the runway for European drone development

Blue Ocean Robotics partners up with German drone specialists Marius Schröder and Benjamin Wiens in founding the drone company Third Element Aviation GmbH. The goal is to enable customers access to development and commercialization of new drone applications that match market demands.


A new pilot project will examine the interaction between doctors and patients using robotics

Faxe Municipality and Blue Ocean Robotics will begin an innovation project with the aim of outlining how the collaboration concerning the citizens of Grøndalscenteret, a rehabilitation center in Haslev, can be strengthened by using video consultations and robotic technology.

Multi Tower Robot

Multi-Tower Robot will increase quality of care

In a new PPP collaboration between University Hospital Køge and Blue Ocean Robotics an innovative patient-lifting robot is developed to perform gentle and effortless transfers of patients without the use of fixed overhead lifts.

Kubo Robot, winner of Websummit Alpha Startup Award

Kubo Robot has been announced as the winner of the prestigious Alpha Startup Award at the 2016 edition of Websummit.

The Chinese market sees the potential of Blue Ocean Robotics

Earlier this summer Blue Ocean Robotics could announce that, the company had closed its first investment stage with “the World’s Best Investor”. With the finalization of the second investment stage the 29th of August, Blue Ocean Robotics today announces that the investment group has been expanded with a small group of prominent business people and partners close to the company – including from China.

Blue ocean robotics group

Blue Ocean Robotics is ready to launch growth plans

Blue Ocean Robotics reports having sold out at the end of the second investment stage on 29th August. Blue Ocean Robotics could announce, earlier in the summer, that the company had closed the first investment stage with “the World’s Best Investor”.

Investors believe in success at Blue Ocean Robotics

The growth at Blue Ocean Robotics is so fast, that the company is now expanding the group of owners to strengthen the capital base and the management’s expertise. The first stage of investment has been completed before the summer period while the second stage of investment, with an already established group of investors, will be conducted in August.