Experienced mobile robotics developer (ref. 25,27)

Full Time
Deadline 28. January 2018
Department Product Development
Workplace Odense SØ - Denmark
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-Join our HQ in Denmark if you are an experienced mobile robotics developer.

If you want to be part of a fast growing, successful and highly innovative robotics company where everything is possible, Blue Ocean Robotics might be your furture workplace.

At Blue Ocean Robotics we create and commercialise robots. We apply robot technology to create solutions and innovation for end-users and new businesses in partnerships. In Blue Ocean Robotics we are proud of creating tomorrow's robots such as a patient lifting robot, a roboticized lobster production or a UV-Disinfection robot. All robots that will create value and sense for humans, and we are very excited to have you on board as a an experienced practical mobile robotics developer.

The ideal candidate

We expect you to be flexible and a fast learner, since we have a continuous flow of new projects and technical challenges. Our working environment is busy, international, dynamic, and full of great complex tasks, which needs to be solved by you and the team. We have a preference of people who think, dream and talk about robots 24/7. Besides that you also need to be structured as a person, have a creative mindset and know how to work independent. The ideal candidate has the following skills:

  • A solid experience of mobile robot navigation and localization
  • Knowledge of control theory
  • Know how to lead software quality assurance, testing and validation
  • Experience with ROS
  • Proficient in Linux systems (mainly Ubuntu),
  • Git or other version control
  • Great demonstrable skills within creation of mobile robots
  • Solid experience in structured C++/Python programming

Add to these if possible:

  • Some experience with ROS Navigation
  • Experience with multiphysic simulators
  • Knowledge of vision-based autonomous capabilities
  • UI/UX experience
  • Experience parallel processing (GPU/CPU)
  • Great if you know SCRUM
  • Experience with the Atlassian ecosystem.

What we offer

In Blue Ocean Robotics we have an international working environment. Right now we have 16 different nationalities and cultures represented and an incredible desire and eagerness to develop our robots. We have Joint Ventures around the world, and sales partners. This position is at our HQ in Denmark/Odense.

We respect each other and our differences. We take pride in integrating expat colleagues in collaboration with Odense Robotics and the International Community Odense.
We are a fast-paced, super dynamic organization with a flat work hierarchy. We have monthly social events, to ensure strong cohesion among each other.

To know more about Blue Ocean Robotics please visit the website: www.blue-ocean-robotics.com. Also, make sure to follow our latest news on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

We will do ongoing screening of candidates, therefore please submit your application and CV as soon as possible.
Apply for this job our website under “Career”, Please note this is the only way we wish to receive applications.

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