Blue Ocean Robotics was established by three passionate robotic engineers, who shared an eagerness to bring 21st century technology to the market. They made it happen – and it was based on these three basic values:


- as Blue Ocean Roboticons we make an effort to take on responsibilities and develop a mindset that not only benefit the individual but the company as a whole. We create an open and shared community dedicated to the business and the solutions we create - as One Company.


- as Blue Ocean Roboticons we are curious to explore and expand our field of expertise so that we remain the best at what we do. We prioritize to develop our skill set in accordance to trend forecasts and project requirements.


- as Blue Ocean Roboticons centrally integrated in an emerging industry that is in constant development, our culture request that we show a proactive drive to make things happen.

These values work in unison – one relies on the other and none of them stand alone. We welcome team members whom embrace these values and can enhance them. Our shared company values guide the way we work in teams:


- each Blue Ocean Roboticon is a specialist in their field. Thus, team members show leadership in turning innovative vision into reality.


- simple, contextual and to-the-point communication is the most vital element in a good and effective collaboration.


- being in the forefront of the robotic development requires that we think out of the box to develop creative answers and the best solutions.


- with a promise comes great responsibility to fulfill. Thus, Blue Ocean Roboticons go the extra mile to reach the innovative result.


- commitment in heart and mind to create the best solutions. This is the guideline that drives our Blue Ocean Roboticons every day.


- a robot is not just a robot, same goes for humans. We cherish the intercultural diversity among our Blue Ocean Roboticons and provide room for differences.


- be the best at what you do. As Blue Ocean Roboticons we work efficiently to provide high-quality and deliberate results.


- as Blue Ocean Roboticons we work as one company and act as a family both professionally and personally. Hence, social activities unite us.

Meet some of our colleagues

At Blue Ocean Robotics we offer an informal and humorous working environment that is characterized by the fact that we find it interesting, motivating and fun to be able to develop the robot technology of tomorrow. We are an international and diverse organization that respect each other and our differences. We take pride in integrating expat colleagues in collaboration with our recruitment partners.


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Our Blue Ocean Roboticons endorse flexible working arrangements and take pride in working together to achieve goals set for both Headquarters, Business Partners and Joint Ventures – as one company. Meet some of our colleagues and experience how they work in Blue Ocean Robotics: