About Us

It is our vision to be the lead partner in creating and commercializing robots for end-users, partners and robotic communities – worldwide. It inspires us. It motivates us – to be at the forefront of the robot technological development as we create robots that improve quality-of-life, working environments and productivity. Your benefit is our gain. If you are succesful, we are successful. We partner up in RoBi-X and apply robot technology to create solutions and business in partnerships.

We are your robot partner. This is Blue Ocean Robotics.

We Create & Commercialize Robots

We are the leading accelerator for bringing emerging robot technology to the market. Through our RoBi-X partnership program, we co-create robot solutions in partnership with companies and public sector. Together we disrupt industries with innovative robotic applications that move businesses and humans.

This we have done since 2013. We specialize in designing, developing and commercializing scalable solutions that can be spun-out as individual companies with appertaining intellectual property rights in shared ownership. And we cover your industry as well.


Our History

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  • Former PwC auditor joins Blue Ocean Robotics as…

    Blue Ocean Robotics hires former auditor from PwC to take care of...

  • New man in charge of International Business

    Blue Ocean Robotics acquires former Vice President of ABB as new Vice...

  • UV-Disinfection-Robot amongst top 3 at STARTUP WORLD AWARD…

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  • KUBO The not-so-square Educational robot

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  • Introducing WallMo 100: the co-bot aimed at revolutionizing…

    The very first WallMo 100, a robotic co-worker assistant, has been delivered...

  • Blue Ocean Robotics Expands Operations Into Germany

    New German based Blue Ocean Robotics GmbH opens its office in Munich.

  • Blue Ocean Robotics announces 3D Bin Picking System

    Blue Ocean Robotics, a leading provider of emerging robots and automation solutions...

  • A New, Stronger RoboBusiness Europe is Born

    Blue Ocean Robotics and EH Publishing have joined forces to create an...

  • Blue Ocean Robotics lead delegation to Silicon Valley

    61 delegates from 8 countries visit 20 Bay Area companies.

  • Blue Ocean Robotics ApS expands operations into Sweden

    New Sweden Based Blue Ocean Robotics Sweden AB opens Office in Västerås,...

  • Blue Ocean Robotics wins tender to develop and…

    Markedsmodningsfonden and Sygehuspartnerskabet signs agreement with Blue Ocean Robotics for developing a...

  • Blue Ocean Robotics ApS expands operations into the…

    New U.S. Based Blue Ocean Robotics, LLC Opens Office in Cincinnati, positioning...

  • Your company can benefit from emerging robotic solutions

    Co-CEO Claus Risager creates awareness about the emerging robotic solutions that can...

The Founding Partners

Since 2013 Blue Ocean Robotics has grown far and wide. Today the group accounts for more than 20 companies worldwide, because no challenge or opportunity is bound exclusively to one country. Thus, we are partnering up with like-minded international entrepreneurs who bring with them the same passion for introducing innovative and emerging robot solutions. Together we are one company.

Claus Risager

Claus Risager

Co-CEO & Founding Partner

Rune K Larsen

Rune K. Larsen

Co-CEO & Founding Partner

John Erland Østergaard

John E. Østergaard

Co-CEO & Founding Partner

Claus Lenz

Claus Lenz

Co-CEO @ Blue Ocean Robotics Germany

Thorsten Röder

Co-CEO @ Blue Ocean Robotics Germany

Lennart Karlson

CEO @ Blue Ocean Robotics Sweden

Hege Eiklild

Co-CEO @ Blue Ocean Robotics Norway

John Mulholland

Co-CEO @ Blue Ocean Robotics Norway

Jaap van Leeuwen

CEO @ Blue Ocean Robotics Benelux

Bülent Ünsever

CEO @ Blue Ocean Robotics Turkey

Ivan John Storr

CEO @ Blue Ocean Robotics Australia

Anders L. Toft

CEO @ Blue Ocean Robotics France

Josep Maria López

CEO @ Blue Ocean Robotics Spain

Peter Tan

CEO & Partner @ Blue Ocean Robotics SEA

CL Goh

Partner @ Blue Ocean Robotics SEA

The Group

Our Robotic Network

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The RoBi-X Partnership Programs aims to create and commercialize new robot solutions through co-creation with trusted partners.

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