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We are the lead partner to create and commercialize robots for end-users, partners and robotic communities worldwide. As a Blue Ocean Robotics partner you are never alone - we are one company.

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Specialize your workforce

Automation of operations may encompass the automation of a single operation or the automation of an entire factory. Our solutions have helped manufacturers all over the world becoming more competitive, more productive and to standardize production. Are you ready to optimize your manufacturing?

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More welfare in healthcare

Automation makes population health management feasible, scalable and sustainable. We provide healthcare solutions that enables personnel to work better and smarter while enabling patients an effective treatment. Seeking more welfare in your healthcare?

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Interactive smart learning

Educational environments are constantly evolving with new demands for teaching methods. Our educational solutions are advancing cognitive STEM learnings and social skills with the use of robot technology as a teaching method. Are you looking to educate to innovate?

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Upgrade construction projects

Construction workers are at great risk of injury or health symptoms causing sick leave or disability. Our construction solutions improves working conditions and reduces construction costs through higher efficiency. Ready to build smarter?

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Intelligent smart farming

Technology is changing the way farmers manage farmland and how fishermen comply with strict regulations. Our solutions enable sustainable harvesting and a higher yield for the benefit of the environment, farmers and consumers. Start smart farming?

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Priority safety management

Smart cities are developed everywhere and ICT solutions are tailored to meet the needs of citizens. Our solutions enable compliance to security and surveillance standards of tomorrow. Ensure your level of safety?

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Operational HSE excellence

The offshore industry demonstrates effective leadership in managing major hazard risks. Our solutions are helping the offshore industry assessing environmental impact and improve safety levels. Ready to set a new standard for Health, Safety and Environmental excellence?

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Intelligence behind AI

Onboarding to new technology requires not only utilization of hardware to the right user case. It also requires a simplistic user interface and training that develop skills and move people. Want proper onboarding?

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The RoBi-X Partnership Programs aims to create and commercialize new robot solutions through co-creation with trusted partners.

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