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The partnership program where we co-create disruptive robots in

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This is RoBi-X

The RoBi-X partnership program is our interconnected growth engine for creating and commercializing disruptive robot technology in strategic collaboration with commercial partners. RoBi-X is an opportunity for private and public companies to innovate their market domain and robotize their product portfolio with disruptive robot technology.

The partnership combines the wast experience in developing robots from Blue Ocean Robotics, and the partners’ specialized competencies. The end result is market ready robot technology developed with the enduser in focus.

Some of our RoBi-X Partnerships


We analyse, identify and prioritize the robot potentials in your business at a system-level that will improve productivity, efficiency and quality-of-life.



We design the robot concept in close collaboration with you from your case scenario. Additionally we define the development-, investment- and business plans.


We design the robot concept in close collaboration with you from your case scenario. Additionally we define the development-, investment- and business plans.



We develop the robot and get the regulatory approvals on the basis of your required lab and customer tests.



Depending on the RoBi-X Partnership Agreement, we integrate the robot amongst your first customers and create a brand around the robot.


We scale up production and distribution together and develop a global marketing strategy and sales network.


Case Stories

The process in our RoBi-X partnership model is a highly proven approach. Here you can read some of our cases.

Flex Hex company brings flexible positioning system to the manufacturing industry

The Hexapod system offered by Flex Hex has been developed to enable a faster production changeover.

Aethon and Blue Ocean Robotics introduce the new Automated Robotic Delivery System TUG to the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is under constant financial pressure to find new solutions that can improve working environment and the quality of patient care.

UV-Disinfection Robot - the robot to increase patient safety

Each year approximately 50,000 Danes catch an infection during hospitalization and an estimated 3,000 people die from infection related complications.

ReconCell - A reconfigurable robot workcell being developed in R&D partnership

To be effective, research and development (R&D) projects require close collaboration and knowledge exchange between universities and private companies.

INHANCER – Collaborative selling of complex robotic solutions

Combining expertise and knowledge from universities and private companies open up new possibilities to develop and integrate new robotic solutions.

Beam Telepresence Robot links the global market in RoBi-X Partnership

A fast-changing global world and international projects force companies around the world to create effective models of global cooperation.

RoBi-X Partnership brings the innovative partition mounting co-bot WallMo 100 to the construction industry

DEKO Partitions Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Europe producing and supplying demountable systems, glazed partitioning solutions, and door systems. By 2013 the company recognized and defined a need for a robot helping construction workers in lifting, transporting and positioning heavy partitions on the construction sites.

Public–private partnership brings a new robot into the healthcare sector

Zealand University Hospital turned to Blue Ocean Robotics to begin development a new person lifting solution which advantageously could replace overhead lifts.

Can children learn to program robots in kindergarten?

Robot technology has taken child care centers in Odense, Denmark, by storm. Children aged 3-5 are learning how to program using the modular and playful robots Cubelets. Together with Blue Ocean Robotics, students from the University College Lillebaelt have started a project aiming at giving preschool children tools for developing coding skills.

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