Telepresence Priority safety management

Every business and institution should consider the importance of its security. There are basically two ways to provide protection for any business or building, and that is with technology, as in alarm systems, cameras etc., or with personnel who literally safeguard the premises.

Using telepresence robots for safety and security assignments is an easy way to provide immediate human connection in situations where assistance is required. Telepresence robots can conduct immediate inspections of premises in patrolling, be channel of first responder in emergencies or carry out crowd management tasks in museums. Only your imagination sets the limit to how telepresence robots can be utilized.

Advanced robot security

Engineered to meet the needs of modern security, we accompany our robots with installation assistance, innovation packages for efficient human-robot interaction changeover and technical support and service.

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We are proud to provide safety management robots to our customers world wide. That is why we have created the RoBi-X partnership program - a partnership where we co-create innovate robots that innovate they way you manage safety. Let’s raise security levels.

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1 / 1 AMY M1 telepresence office patrol

First responder

- be present at the moment emergencies occur and take control until emergency personnel arrives.


- loudspeakers, custom echo-canceling microphone, adaptive noise reduction and full-duplex audio makes communication ideal.

High-quality video

- investigate the room using wide-angle HDR cameras with zoom capabilities.


Telepresence robots for safety and security enables quick first response to emergencies and lets you inspect premises from a distance when needed.

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Co-create a robot that solve your need in close partnership with our specialist developers. We specialize in creating and commercializing innovative robot solutions that solve scalable needs together with international partners, like you.

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The RoBi-X Partnership Programs aims to create and commercialize new robot solutions through co-creation with trusted partners.

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