Aarhus Vand - Presentation

Aarhus Vand target global challenges in wastewater treatment with robots

The City of Aarhus poses as an optimal test site for robotics for wastewater treatment as the population growth rate and the city plan are scalable to greater metropolitan areas. Now, Aarhus Vand take lead on capitalising on the robotic potentials.

Patient safety and work environment improved with the Multi Tower robot

The innovative patient moving robot Multi Tower Robot is designed to increase patient safety and improve work environment in patient movement and rehabilitation scenarios for healthcare personnel.

Sund and Baelt optimize reinvestment in infrastructure with robots

Sund & Bælt wants to be the market leader in the intelligent use of asset management in operation and maintenance among infrastructure owners. The RoBi-X Partnership with Blue Ocean Robotics is the leap forward.

UV-Disinfection Robot limits Hospital Acquired Infections

The UV-Disinfection Robot reduces 99.9% of bacteria and viruses most often prompting Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). The robots is expected to reduce 50% of incidents annually.

WallMo reduces heavy-lifting from construction sites

The WallMo robot improves the productivity on construction sites with up to 70%, reduce manual heavy-lifts for the construction workers and offer a payback time of less than a year.

RoBi-X Partnership opens global market for Scape Technologies

Scape Technologies and Blue Ocean Robotics entered a RoBi-X Partnership aiming at bringing new bin-picking solutions, created by Scape Technologies, to the global market.

Aethon and Blue Ocean Robotics introduce the new Automated Robotic Delivery System TUG to the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is under constant financial pressure to find new solutions that can improve working environment and the quality of patient care.

Beam Telepresence Robot links the global market in RoBi-X Partnership

A fast-changing global world and international projects force companies around the world to create effective models of global cooperation.

RoBi-X Partnership brings the innovative partition mounting co-bot WallMo 100 to the construction industry

DEKO Partitions Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Europe producing and supplying demountable systems, glazed partitioning solutions, and door systems. By 2013 the company recognized and defined a need for a robot helping construction workers in lifting, transporting and positioning heavy partitions on the construction sites.

Innovative patient lifting and rehabilitation solution developed in RoBi-X partnership

Zealand University Hospital turned to Blue Ocean Robotics to begin development a new person lifting solution which advantageously could replace overhead lifts.