The Chinese market sees the potential of Blue Ocean Robotics

Earlier this summer Blue Ocean Robotics could announce that, the company had closed its first investment stage with “the World’s Best Investor”. With the finalization of the second investment stage the 29th of August, Blue Ocean Robotics today announces that the investment group has been expanded with a small group of prominent business people and partners close to the company – including from China.

Blue ocean robotics group

Blue Ocean Robotics is ready to launch growth plans

Blue Ocean Robotics reports having sold out at the end of the second investment stage on 29th August. Blue Ocean Robotics could announce, earlier in the summer, that the company had closed the first investment stage with “the World’s Best Investor”.

Investors believe in success at Blue Ocean Robotics

The growth at Blue Ocean Robotics is so fast, that the company is now expanding the group of owners to strengthen the capital base and the management’s expertise. The first stage of investment has been completed before the summer period while the second stage of investment, with an already established group of investors, will be conducted in August.